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May 9, 2016

Brandon Card First Elite Series Angler Fishing With SondeCAM HD

When it comes to winning, just a small advantage can make all the difference. It’s a truth that the pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series have to live with every event. They know too well that the No. 1 spot is at times just a matter of ounces away.

That’s why they look to get all they can out of practice, pinpointing the best spots and some honey holes they can return to when the fishing gets tough. Tools like sonar and fishfinders help, but sometimes it’s not possible to know exactly what kind of fish are there until you reel one in.

But Brandon Card doesn’t have that problem. The FishSens pro staffer has something that no other angler on the Series has: a SondeCAM HD, newly released from FishSens Technology.

“Last year, I was able to use the original SondeCAM to find some of those big bass I wanted to target. All I had to do was drop this underwater camera into the water and I knew exactly what was there,” said Card, a 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic qualifier.

The big difference with the HD version is that things come in a lot clearer than they did with the original. SondeCAM HD is the most robust underwater fishing camera on the market with low-light, high-definition capability for capturing video in any environment.

This is key for Card, as the Elite Series makes stops at many different waterways around the country. He can view the video he captures directly on his fishfinder, just like with the original SondeCAM.

Likewise, a Wi-Fi module transmits all footage to his smartphone for viewing through the SondeCAM App. Card uses the iOS version, available in the Apple App Store or online at There is also an Android version of the app coming soon to Google Play.

“All I do is pull my phone out and view the HD footage coming in. I like the app because I can record and share the video with my fans,” said Card. “But also because it makes for great tournament fishing and helps me keep track of where I found the best fish in practice.”

“What we’ve really tried to do is give Brandon something that can stand up to the hectic and trying competition conditions he deals with,” said Trevin Fondriest, general manager at FishSens Technology. “Which is one reason we packed an HD camera into a sturdy, marine-grade aluminum housing. He can drag it over rocks or it can bounce off concrete piers and keep on filming.” The camera’s design also mimics a fish shape so that fish are comfortable when it’s nearby.

The SondeCAM HD is available on and costs $499. Look for it in stores in spring 2016. A number of accessories are available, including a trolling motor mount, telescoping pole mount and a flashlight attachment for super-dark environments.

About FishSens Technology

FishSens Technology designs and manufactures underwater cameras in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation shop near Dayton, Ohio. FishSens Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, Inc.

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