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August 5, 2015

Card Wins Wedding Bonuses with Toyota


Elite Series pro Brandon Card's wallet will be a little thicker thanks to LEER Cover Cash and Toyota Bonus Bucks

Wedding bells bring wedding bills, so 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year, Brandon Card’s winning both a LEER “Cover Cash” bonus for $500, and the second place Toyota Bonus Bucks contingency check for $2,000 as a result of his 4th place finish at the St. Lawrence River, should bring a smile to brand new bride Kelly’s face.

Card has a LEER truck cap on his 2012 Tundra that sported 92,531 miles on its odometer as he pulled away from his high finish in Waddington, NY.

“My LEER is awesome. It has never leaked and it pays me Cover Cash too,” said Card, who majored in Landscape Architecture at the University of Kentucky.

Within minutes of the weigh-in concluding, the 29-year-old was very aware that he had won a Toyota Bonus Bucks check too.

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