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July 8, 2015

Summertime Topwaters: Brandon Card’s Top 5 Picks To Catch Bass All Summer

by Brandon Card
Like many bass anglers, topwater fishing is my favorite way to fish for bass. Seeing a bass blow up on my lure on the surface is something that never gets old and it takes me back to my childhood. The first bass I ever caught on an artificial lure was on a topwater. Growing up, my dad would either fish with nightcrawlers or a small topwater called Zara Puppy. This is where I first learned to use artificial baits to catch bass. I have always loved fishing topwaters and during the summer, it’s hard to beat fishing these baits. The following are my Top 5 topwater baits during the summer, and specific ways I use them to catch bass all summer long.



Fishing a buzzbait in the summer is a great way to catch bass and for me the two keys are low light conditions and shade. They will work all day long sometimes, but first thing in the morning and in the shade later in the day always seem to be the best. In Tennessee, where I live, there are plenty of steep banks with laydowns and these will have shade later in the day and are great places to fish all day long. The same goes for marinas because there are so many shady spots around docks and boats.

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