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June 8, 2015

Techniques for fishing offshore bass

offshorebass_feature-300x336By Brandon Card on June 8, 2015

Advancements in fishing technology have more anglers searching deep water for bigger bass, and for me there are times when the only way to win a tournament is to head offshore. My approach to fishing away from the bank begins with less casting and more reliance on technology to locate fish before I even make a cast. By using my electronics, mapping technology and FishSens underwater camera, I can develop a gameplan to catch big bass in offshore dominated tournaments.


Whether I am practicing for a tournament or starting a fun fishing trip, I want to catch the biggest and most fish I can. To make sure I put myself in the best position, I spend time getting ready before I even hit the water by looking at Navionics maps, Google Earth and Bing Maps. Even though I have a general idea of where to go when I start, I also like to keep an open mind and not have too many waypoints or preconceived notions. My map study points me in the general direction, but not having waypoints allows me to fish what looks good and where the fish are now instead of spending too much time fishing history or places someone told me about. The Navionics maps, for instance, are so good that I usually do better just running down the lake and stopping at places that look good.

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