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March 14, 2015

Fishsens - Brandon Card previews the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series: Part One

brandoncard_bassmasterpreview15-300x336I remember the winter of 2012 like it was yesterday, as I prepared for my first year on the Bassmaster Elite Series. I had dreamed about fishing professionally since I was 8, and all my aspirations were only a few months away from becoming a reality. I was anxious and excited to get the season started, and March couldn’t come soon enough. I researched countless hours and made predictions of the winning patterns for each event.

My excitement to start a new season is just as strong now as it was four seasons ago. I’ve learned so much in my first three seasons through my successes and failures. Starting the year off with a clean slate allows me to establish new goals and set my sights on upcoming tournaments. Here, I’ll break down each event in this year’s series, discussing my experiences, predicting winning weights and patterns, and disclosing my tournament strategies.

Sabine River, Texas – March 19-22

The Sabine River is rarely thought of as a bass fishing destination because its brackish waters are better for redfish and other saltwater species. The 2013 event there was fun and challenging. The people were great and the crowds were huge at the weigh-ins. However, many anglers found it challenging to even catch keeper bass. I found a special area that was hard to get to and caught enough out of that area to finish in 10th place. I could have done much better if I would have landed all the bass that bit.

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