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January 4, 2015

Suzuki Outboards Making Waves on Bass Fishing Front

[caption id="attachment_1254" align="alignnone" width="615"]suzuki-brandoncard-M Brandon Card, 2012 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year, is currently the only B.A.S.S. Elite pro running a Suzuki outboard. Even without a service crew on site, he doesn't baby his equipment and isn't worried breakdowns.[/caption]

By: Lynn Burkhead,

In the world of professional bass fishing, there are days that a bass pro will throw caution to the wind and play a hunch. All in an effort to move into the money, grab a final coveted spot in a crowded championship field or to even win the biggest tournament of their life.

But as surely as there are days when a pro will go for broke on when, where and how to fish, there are also things that an angler will never compromise on during their career.

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