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December 4, 2014

Brandon Card Norris Lake Record Spotted Bass 5.40lbs!

Norris Lake is a deep, clear highland reservoir and the best fishing always happens on cloudy and windy days.  This day started out pretty slow because the sun was out and there was no wind.  Hoping to just catch a few small bass, my bother, friend, and I pulled up to a rocky point and started fan casting finesse jigs.  As I slowly dragged my jig over the rocks, I felt a little bite.  Thinking it was a small fish, I nonchalantly set the hook.  When the fish pulled back, I knew that it was no small fish.

After a few cranks, the fish came to the surface and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Magnum Spot!" (Magnum Spot = spotted bass over 3 lbs).  It was hard to tell exactly how big it was but I knew I had a giant.  After playing it around the boat, I guiding it toward my brother's outstretched arms.  Once it was in the boat, I was shocked at how fat it was.

The previous  lake record was 5.08 pounds, so I knew that this fish was close.  When I put it on the scale, I was happy to see that it weighed in at 5.40 pounds!  Catching a lake record on a lake that I have fished my entire life is something that is really special to me.  Getting to experience the day with my brother, made it that much better!  It's definitely a memory that I will never forget.

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