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November 17, 2014

Fishsens - Techniques for fishing marinas for fall bass

In parts of the country where lakes don’t freeze, marinas offer good bass fishing year-round. But the best time to fish them is when the water cools down in the fall. Marinas are one of my favorite places to fish in the fall because I can find big schools of bass that are hungry and easy to catch. They also get overlooked by many anglers beating the banks, so dealing with fishing pressure is rarely an issue.

Bass buffet

The spotted bass and largemouth bass that reside underneath floating structures gorge themselves on the abundance of baitfish found nearby. Once the water cools down in the fall, schools of shad suspend near the water’s surface. These schools of baitfish always suspend high in the water column, and will seek shelter on a bright, sunny day. Marinas have an abundance of shade and offer many places for shad and other baitfish to find shelter and food. Along with baitfish, bass also gravitate to marinas because fish, in general, love shade. Marinas are great places for bass to inhabit because the comfort of shade and a plethora of food are never far away.

Different parts of marinas offer different feeding opportunities for bass. In the morning, under low light conditions, schools of baitfish will swim on the outskirts of the marina. Outside of boat slips and walkway corners are great places to fish in the morning because bass will be stalking baitfish in open water. Whenever the sun comes, both baitfish and bass will swim back under the marina. This is a very similar feeding activity of bass in natural settings, where they actively feed in open water in mornings and hunker down in thick cover like laydowns, stumps and grass once the sun comes out.

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