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October 8, 2014

Find the 30 Percent to Avoid Tough Fall Bass Fishing

by: TJ Maglio

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The TVA holds claim to some of the best bass fishing in the nation. Kentucky Lake, Guntersville and Pickwick can lay claim to perennial favorites of anglers from all across the country.

It’s not fair, because not only are they great lakes, but in general they aren’t as seasonal dependent as other places bass swim. For most of the year, tactics on TVA lakes may change, but the fishing is still pretty good.

According to 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series rookie of the year Brandon Card, the fall transition is the one exception in that catching quality bass on TVA lakes.

“Every year in September and October, it seems like weights drop off sharply all across the TVA region,” Card said. “Places where it was taking 20-25 pounds each day to win will suddenly see daily weights drop into the low to mid-teens.”

This precipitous drop at the weigh-in stage corresponds with a massive migration of bass to the shallows, which leaves a lot of anglers that had been catching big stringers on offshore structure in a lurch.

Card’s best way to combat this tough fall period isn’t to follow the pack and head shallow, but rather to stay out deep and be persistent.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say 70% of the fish in most of these impoundments will suddenly vacate the offshore structure they were on all summer. That makes it really tough to resist the temptation to go shallow with them, but I’ve had my best success in the fall staying out deep and fishing for the remaining 30% still living offshore.”

His thought process can help a lot of anglers all across the midwest.

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