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March 3, 2014

Boat Care 101


I have had my boat for over seven years, and it still looks and runs really good. I will be selling my boat after I get my Triton in February, and I know the person that buys it will be getting a really good boat because I have taken great care of it. Below are a few inexpensive ways that you can show your boat some love.

Boat Cover

The first step in protecting your boat is a boat cover. It is essential to keeping your boat in good condition. Boat covers shield your boat from the sun’s dangerous rays, prevent rain and snow damage, and deter thieves.

My EmpireCovers boat cover has really helped keep my boat out of the harsh elements this fall and winter, as we have had more rain than I can ever remember. It is really strong and durable, and it holds up great in the rain and snow. Having a good boat cover is crucial to resale value when storing a boat outside like I do.

My brother also stores his boat outside and recently told me that his boat cover has started to dry rot and rip to shreds. He said he wanted to get a cover like mine, but didn’t think that he could afford it because he thought he would have to pay more for the quality. He was pleasantly surprised when I told him that an EmpireCovers boat cover for his boat would only cost $200 (much cheaper than other covers). Read more over on

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