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March 8, 2014

5 Must-Haves for spring fishing


I like lists.  Lists are what I use to stay organized and make sure the details get taken care of.  Fishing has so many variables outside of my control that I have to focus energy on handling the variables I have control over.  When it comes to equipment I like to make sure I have the best equipment available to me and use products I can rely on.

We start fishing in the spring so I make sure I have the following items in place for the first of the year and keep good inventory all year.  So here are 5 must-haves for spring fishing.

1. EmpireCovers Bionic boat cover – with lots of nasty weather this time of year I need to keep my Triton boat looking good and clean.

2. Power Poles - During the spring more than ever I rely on Power Poles.  When fishing shallow or fishing for spawning fish I must have a shallow-water anchor.  I couldn’t fish in a boat without two of these.

3. Amphibia polarized sunglasses – A must for spawning fish.

3. Kalins Sizmic Shad swimbaits – Swim baits are so versatile and I’ve developed confidence in fishing them in shallow water, like we used to use spinner baits.

4. Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon– Spawning fish can be line-shy.  Fluoro is my line of choice when fishing for spawning fish.

5. 1/2 jig with Uncle Josh Meat Craw - Pre-spawn and post-spawn fish in the spring are hungry and will bite a jig.  It is a confidence bait to catch bigger fish.

Start your own list with these items and if you are like me, you’ll probably add about 25 additional items to make sure you have with you on your next spring fishing outing.

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