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January 30, 2014

Designing new baits

dsc_0553It’s amazing how many different lures there are in the tackle market. These fish don’t even have a chance anymore. Ha-ha. With so many different baits, many fisherman wonder how companies keep coming out with new products every year. Thinking of new original ideas in the fishing world can be difficult, and in many cases impossible, because most everything has been thought of. However, some of the best products are just variations of existing products. The Alabama rig is a great example of this. It is just a smaller castable version of an umbrella rig that has been around for decades. Think of these products as innovations, not inventions.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of helping my new soft bait sponsor, Kalin’s, design several new baits for their new product line for 2014. Kalin’s has been around for many years and has always been known for a huge selection of bass and panfish grubs. A few years ago, they bought Sizmic (the first company to create buzz toads) and added Sizmic toads to the Kalin’s product line. Wanting to make an even bigger push toward the bass market, they recently have designed a stickbait, swimbait, and a cross between a grub and a swimbait to be added to the Kalin’s product line. These new baits will be available in a few weeks in time for the Classic. Read More on

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