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September 25, 2013

Douglas Lake Fishing Report


Date:  9/16 – 9/20

Lake:  Douglas Lake

Conditions:  water clarity – 2’-5’, water temp – mid-70s, air temp – 70s-80s

Summary:  I had several guide trips on Douglas Lake last week, and it was a funky week, to say the least.  Early fall is usually the hardest times to pattern fish because the fish are moving so much.  There are still some fish out deep, but most are shallow.  I caught fish as deep as 25’ and as shallow as 1’.  The neat thing about doing guide trips in early fall is that the clients get to see a wide range of techniques.  The deep fish hit a football head jig and an umbrella rig, but those fish were very scattered.  The best concentration of bass came off mud flats in the backs of pockets.  A lipless crankbaits and jigs were the most productive baits.  I would throw the lipless crank down the bank until I came to a piece of wood, then I would flip the jig.  This was a pretty good pattern as I caught decent fish on both baits.  The water level on Douglas is dropping every day, so the flipping fish are constantly repositioning.   

Tackle:  (1.)  3/4 oz. Mission Jigs football jig w/ twin tail grub (green pumpkin / brown), 7’3” MH Pinnacle Perfecta rod, Pinnacle Optimus LTE 7.3:1, 17lb Trilene 100% fluoro  (2.)  1/2 oz. Red Eye Shad (chartreuse sexy shad), 7’ MH Pinnacle Perfecta rod, Pinnacle Optimus LTE 6.4:1, 15 lb Trilene 100% fluoro    (3.)  1/2 oz. Killer Baits flipping jig w/ big salty chunk (green pumpkin / brown), 7’9” H Pinnacle Perfecta rod, Pinnacle Optimus LTE 7.3:1, 20lb Trilene 100% fluoro

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