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July 26, 2013

BASSMASTER - A Real Card - The mad scientist

duncan_picI had a great time at ICAST a couple of weeks ago. It was fun getting to see all the new products and spending time with my sponsors. Most of my time was spent with Floatback Lures and Pinnacle Fishing. The highlight of the week for me was working with Floatback Lures’ inventor Duncan Robertson, aka: the mad scientist. His business partners call him that because he is constantly coming up with new ideas for new products.

Duncan, age 64, is a funny guy that reminds me a lot of Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Like Si, Duncan is full of crazy stories, and you never really know what he is going to say next. He is the type of guy that just makes people smile and laugh wherever he goes. We were out to dinner one night, and he was having a hard time reading his menu and was giving our server grief over it. She patiently tried to walk him through the different items of the menu. Picking at her, he said “You are just confusing me even more.  I am going to have to get my glasses out!” Duncan put his glasses on and looked at the server, and loudly and abruptly scooted his seat back. She was starting to wonder what had happened, when he yelled, “Gosh! You’re beautiful! I never knew I was talking to such a beautiful lady!” We all laughed, and it made our server’s day; she smiled the rest of the evening.

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