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May 29, 2013

Brandon Card - A Real Card May 2013


Looking at the Toyota Angler of the Year standings, and comparing the current list to the list that was posted last month, you may ask, “Where did Brandon Card go?”

Well, if you keep scrolling down the standings, you will see that I fell from 1st to 57th in a matter of three tournaments. You’re probably asking the same question that I have been asking myself the last several days, “How did that happen?” After days of thinking about it, I have found the answer: I second-guessed myself and did not trust my instincts.

Professional bass fishing is all about paying attention to details and knowing what your strengths are. At each of the last three Elite Series tournaments, I have made some bad decisions that cost me a lot of money and valuable AOY points. Here is a breakdown of those bad decisions.

Bull Shoals – 53rd

Bull Shoals was the most frustrating of all the three tournaments because I had things figured out. If I had stuck to my game plan, I would have made the Day Three cut, moved way up the leaderboard, and pocketed $10,000. I found this area that had a good concentration of bass toward the back of a creek. I knew I could catch them fishing shallow, which is just how I like to fish. On the first morning, I found that the whole back half of the creek had been washed out, and the water was super muddy because of torrential rains the day before. It was too muddy to fish that day, but I thought the water might clear up for Day Two. So I left and threw a jerkbait on the main lake for the remainder of the day. I caught a bunch of fish and jumped off a few good ones. I finished the day in 60-something place and knew I needed much improvement on the second day.

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