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March 29, 2013

Lake Deliverance


The past couple of weeks in Texas were a blast. I really enjoyed both Bassmaster Elite Series events down there. Falcon was fun because it was a slugfest, and I love catching giants. Sabine was fun because every keeper there was like gold. The Sabine Challenge was definitely a challenge. Some guys were traveling more than two  hours one way to get to their spots and others braved a treacherous run up a winding river to access backwater areas. I chose the latter, and thankfully came out with a Top 10 finish.

The river that I am talking about is the Neches River, the same river where Michael Iaconelli wrecked and several anglers lost their lower units, including me. I found a hidden backwater area in the upper reaches of the river on Google Earth. On the morning of the second day of practice, I broke my prop shaft completely off trying to get there. This pretty much messed up the whole day because I had to use my trolling motor to get 6 miles downriver to the nearest ramp. Then I had to take my boat to the nearest dealer to get a new lower unit installed.

On the morning of the final practice day, I debated on whether I should attempt to go back up to the hidden backwater. I was scared that I would jack up another lower unit, but I went anyway. I was extra careful all the way up there, idling for miles. When I finally made it to the entrance of the backwater, I was greeted by a culvert that looked too small to get a boat through. As I got my Triton closer, I realized that it was barely large enough. I had to trim my Suzuki down and lower my Power Poles to fit. I laid down on the front deck and pulled my way through the culvert. Every time I would touch the ceiling of the culvert, rusty pieces would fall down on me and the deck of my boat.

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