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July 14, 2012

ICAST 2012

This time last year, I had just qualified for the BASS Elite Series and flew out to Las Vegas to attend ICAST.  My goal was to make connections with people in the industry and see a part of fishing that was all new to me.  I had always heard about the show but never attended.  It was a huge success as I met Jerry McKinnis and this blog came about after talking to Hank Weldon and Steve Bowman.  Writing this blog has been a very enjoyable experience for me.  My hope is that it has been insightful and entertaining for you.

Last year at ICAST I made a huge contact with one of my first sponsors, Pinnacle Fishing.  Prior to hooking up with Pinnacle, I had the biggest hodge-podge of rods and reels you’ve ever seen.  Every time I picked up a different rod from my deck it had a different feel.  It would always take several casts to get used to each different outfit.  Now that I have all Perfecta rods and Optimus reels, I can put down one rod and pick up another and they all have the same feel.  It makes a huge difference in casting accuracy and overall performance each tournament day.

Pinnacle’s products are top notch, and so are the people that run the company.  Fishing is a people business and working with good people means everything.  I’ve found Pinnacle Perfecta rods to be extremely light and sensitive.  There are different Perfecta rods for all the techniques that I utilize on the Elite Series.   The Optimus reels are smooth, dependable, and great casting.   Match that with good people and it makes last year’s ICAST experience mean everything to me.

While this is my second time here, this year’s ICAST feels new as well.  Seeing new products and meeting new people is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me.  I will write more about that later.  For now I need to rest up and get ready for day 2.

Remember to chase your dreams.

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