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March 5, 2012

Final days before the Elite Series kicks off

Final days before the Elite Series kicks off

It is getting serious now.  I have a lot to do before the season kicks off as it is only 1 1/2 weeks away. I took my boat to Triton yesterday to get some help with rigging, and then dropped it off at the boat wrap shop last night.  I will get my boat back in a couple of days, and I can’t wait to see how the wrap looks.

The primary reason that I took my boat to Triton was to get them to help me rig up a 5-battery system for my boat.  I wanted to do 5 batteries because I was having issues with my GPS/sonar units draining my batteries, sometimes to the point to where my outboard was close to not starting.  To address this issue, we wired one battery specifically for my two Lowrance HDS units, one for the engine and accessories, and three for the trolling motor.  Doing this puts me at ease, as I know my electronics and motor will have plenty of power during a tournament day.

Most boats don’t have much room in the rear compartment, so I would suggest using Optima batteries because they are more compact than the traditional battery.  Not to mention they are strong and dependable.

The guys at Sign Designs are wrapping my boat right now, and it is going to look pretty cool.  I am really excited about my boat wrap and my title sponsor, Jethro Baits.  Jethro is a great company to be working with – great products and great people.

Jethro Baits produces soft plastics, quality tungsten weights and innovative terminal tackle.  I love all of their products, but the BugTussel is my favorite.  You will hear a lot about that bait this year!  Together we have already designed some new baits, and the prototypes will be out soon.  We will have a press release in a few days with more information and pictures, so keep your eyes out for that.

These next few days, I will be going non-stop.  I will be finishing up a landscape project, breaking in my boat and pre-practicing on Douglas Lake.  The life of a pro angler has just begun.

Remember to chase your dreams!

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